Who Are We ?

Ibrahim Bekmezci

I have been working on computer systems since 2003 including  on dos computer and Novel network system then I got a degree on Physics and have kept working on many complex electronic and computer systems and I have my own computer and electronic repair company since 2011

I have been working as a data recovery engineer and offering any type of computer, laptop and many other electronic repairs such as; TVs, digital cameras, car remotes, DVD players and many others for local and nationwide business and individual clients.

After several local customer’s I  request i fixed their GoPro cameras, I noticed that there is not a professional repair services for GoPro cameras ,I decided to provide GoPro repairs not for only locally but also for all UK customers

You can book your online repair through my website and send over your camera for repair.  There is rarely a problem that I cannot solve. I’m fully trained and certificated physicist, data recovery specialist, electronic tehnican with excellent troubleshooting skills.

Our Misson