GoPro USB Port Repairs

GoPro Hero USB Ports can be damaged easily. Even sometimes your USB Ports on GoPro camera can stop working itself maybe soldering gets old and connections on the legs get  loose or maybe some electronic parts on the motherboard stop working

We have performed many  GoPro Usb Port Repairs for UK customers in our workshop in Witney, Oxfordshire.

GoPro Hero Usb Port Repairs

DrFolder Computer Services can offer GoPro Usb Port Repairs on your damaged GoPro cameras.

Our GoPro Usb Port Repairs take 3 working days and we do all GoPro Usb Port Repairs in our workshop for the UK customers.

We have USB parts in our stock for all the GoPro models

What Can We Fix and What Can We Not

Sometimes GoPro Usb Port Repairs can be difficult than it looks. As you can see pictures on the right , damages can be massive.

There are 10 data legs and 4 ground legs on the USB Ports and these legs can tear off the pads from the motherboard as seen at the sample pictures. Cases like these are more than a GoPro Usb Port Repairs. Damages on the motherboard sometimes can be unfixable because of the torn off the pads and / or broken other parts just behind the USB Port

We encourage you send us your GoPro cameras to us for GoPro Usb Port Repairs.

We charge £14.99 for diagnosis and back postage

If We are able to fix the usb port , we will charge you rest of the amount after we fix

If  We are unable to fix the usb port , We will send your camera back to you

please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions to us

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