Booking and sending details can be found on the following link below

No, We don’t provide any collection services. you will need to post your camera to us

No, We are not. We are an independent electronic repair company and we offer repairs for many electronic devices including GoPro

Yes, our repairs come with 3 months part and labour guarantee.

No, We don’t guarantee any water proof on our repairs. we recommend  Waterproof housing if you wish to use your camera in the water / sea.

Total repair time depends on the problem and model of the camera but our diagnostic turnaround time is up to 3 to 5 working days.

Yes, we use only original parts on our repairs.

We offer repair services for Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4, Hero 5 Black , Hero 6 , Hero 7 black and Hero 8 Black. we don’t do repairs for Hero session , Hero 7 white or silver, Hero 9 and and Hero 10

If you can’t see your camera model on our booking page, please email us about it

admin@goprorepairs.co.uk   or contact form 

Yes you can. Please  make sure that you include your details (name, return address,phone and email) and issue with your camera.

You can pay online with your card. we also accept bank transfer and paypal payments.

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery